Reducing Agent (Antioxidant)


Reducing agent (antioxidant) used by adding a small amount to tap or well water. It works by reducing the oxygen and chlorine content that can contribute towards oxidization to produce inexpensive, high-quality water with reducing power.



"Giving MyNIC®-S to Egg-laying Hens"

By adding just a small amount of MyNIC®-S to the drinking water of hens, they produce eggs with a more balanced nutritional content. This simple and easy method was proven to be highly effective.
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Foliar Spray

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries registration
Liquid Compound Fertilizer

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Ion Cleaner

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Restoration Agent for Salt-Damaged Soil

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Aim: results through water with reducing power

It's already established via other products that the diets of hens can be made more nutritious by degassing their drinking water.
By adding the reducing agent (antioxidant) in MyNIC®-S to tap or well water, it's possible to detoxify the chlorine content and reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen content in the water. We thought that if we could produce the same effect with MyNIC®-S as degassing, the hens could produce nutritious eggs through an easier and more cost-effective method.

Implementation Outline

To begin with, we would like to express our gratitude to the poultry farmers and other people who cooperated in this endeavor.
In the chicken coop, the drinking water was provided to the hens from a tank via a gauge. The rest of the equipment was left as normal.
The drinking water was normal tap water, but for our purposes MyNIC®-S was added at a ratio of 0.1% to transform it into MyNIC®-S water with reducing power, which was given to the hens to drink each day. After 42 days, the nutritional content of the eggs laid by the hens was inspected.

Test Method and Results

From the 6000 hens fed MyNIC®-S water with reducing power for 42 days (beginning in July, 2017), 10 eggs were selected at random for inspection and compared with regular eggs store-bought for 240 yen against the data stored in Kinki University's catalogue. The tests were performed for us by reliable general incorporated foundations at the Japan Food Research Laboratories and the Kagawa Prefectural Industrial Technology Center. The caloric, protein, fat, and cholesterol content per 100g were tested.
There was no increase seen in the health of the hens fed MyNIC®-S water with reducing power. (as of January, 2018)

Eggs are naturally a well-balanced and nutritious food, and the MyNIC®-S eggs were shown to have an even greater nutritional balance with higher protein and lower fat, caloric, and cholesterol content.


The eggs with improved nutritional balance due to water with reducing power could be considered excellent eggs not just for daily consumption, but as a food used for better health and nutrition.

In addition, while not reported in the data, we received comments such as "the taste of the eggs changed" and "the flavor deepened and was made more delicious" from the poultry farmers.

Water with reducing power helps to prevent oxidation in living organisms and contributes to maintaining a healthy condition. These tests have also shown a potential for improved nutrition and other positive effects for the hens themselves.

MyNIC®-S is a revolutionary reducing agent (antioxidant) able to instantly produce water with reducing power in large quantities at low cost.