Reducing Agent (Antioxidant)


Reducing agent (antioxidant) used by adding a small amount to tap or well water. It works by reducing the oxygen and chlorine content that can contribute towards oxidization to produce inexpensive, high-quality water with reducing power.



"Giving MyNIC®-S to Egg-laying Hens"

By adding just a small amount of MyNIC®-S to the drinking water of hens, they produce eggs with a more balanced nutritional content. This simple and easy method was proven to be highly effective.
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Foliar Spray

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries registration
Liquid Compound Fertilizer

A foliar spray expected to have unprecedented and surprising effects in passing minerals through the cell membrane.


Ion Cleaner

A unique cleaner combining cationic surfactants as well as Ca ions.


Restoration Agent for Salt-Damaged Soil

Properties in Ca ions can be used to restore salt-damaged soil.


MyNIC®-C|A unique cleaner combining cationic surfactants as well as Ca ions.

Features of MyNIC®-C

MyNIC®-C is a unique eyeglass cleaner with reducing properties. Most of the cleaners currently on the market contain anionic surfactants and alcohol, but at Olive Giken Ltd. we have developed MyNIC®-C, a cleaner that combines cationic surfactants and Ca ions, something which is not found in any other products.

MyNIC®-C Overview

Ingredients ○ Cationic surfactants
○ Ca ions
○ Alcohol (ethanol, isopropanol)
Effects of each ingredient
  1. Cationic surfactants
    Disinfects lenses, etc.
  2. Ca ions
    Removes oil film from lenses, etc.
    Prevents static on lenses, etc.
  3. Alcohol
    Dissolves and washes away sebum from lenses, etc.
  4. Other
    The surfactant and Ca ion contents are positively charged, and act to repel dust (positively charged particles) preventing it from adhering to the lenses, etc.
Properties Appearance: colorless liquid
Odor: faintly alcoholic
Viscosity: middle
Stability: can be stored approximately 2 years at room temperature
How to Use
  1. Glasses or mirrors, etc.
    Spray directly on the surface and wipe with a tissue.
  2. Car navigation, computer, or smart phone screens
    Soak the liquid into a tissue and wipe the screen (to prevent it from getting into any crevices).
Precautions ○ Do not use this product for any purposes other than its intended use.
○ Please store out of reach of children.
○ This product is not meant to be drunk. Please keep out of the mouth.
○ If this product is ingested by accident, please immediately contact a doctor.