Reducing Agent (Antioxidant)


Reducing agent (antioxidant) used by adding a small amount to tap or well water. It works by reducing the oxygen and chlorine content that can contribute towards oxidization to produce inexpensive, high-quality water with reducing power.



"Giving MyNIC®-S to Egg-laying Hens"

By adding just a small amount of MyNIC®-S to the drinking water of hens, they produce eggs with a more balanced nutritional content. This simple and easy method was proven to be highly effective.
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MyNIC-S®|Production method and its produced reducing water|Patented

MyNIC®-S Features

MyNIC®-S is a patented reducing agent (antioxidant). By adding a small amount to tap water or well water, it can be transformed into reduced water. MyNIC®-S makes it possible to create reduced water easily and at a low cost.

MyNIC®-S, able to instantly reduce chlorine content, was created.


How does MyNIC®-S lead to acquiring water
with reducing power at a lower cost?

Everything shows the effects of aging over time. This process is known as "oxidation".

The opposing effect to oxidation, maintaining vibrant life and resetting or "reducing" the oxidation, known as "antioxidation" can also be considered a form of anti-aging.

This rejuvenating power also has an effect on the health of living things such as plants and animals.
MyNIC®-S removes and reduces chlorine and oxygen content in water which can promote oxidation in living things, and quickly changes regular tap or well water into water with reducing power.
Tests have already been carried out with the cooperation of farmers with egg-laying hens and fruit growers. The results have received positive comments such as "the product became more delicious" and "the color, shape, and size of the product were improved".

Giving MyNIC®-S to Egg-laying Hens

MyNIC®-S enhances water absorption.

MyNIC®-S Summary

Purpose Additive used for creating water with reducing power from normal tap or well water.
How to use Dilute the product in 1000 parts tap or well water.
Mineral content Ca ions
Various amino acids (all listed as official food additives)
Effects of Ca ions Calcium ions have been proven to reorganize water molecules into smaller "groups" to improve water permeability and to modify functions of water such as by imparting antioxidant (reducing) properties.
Physical Properties ○ Appearance: almost colorless
○ Smell: a slight odor
○ pH: approx. 3.2 (acidic) (0.1% diluted solution: pH 6.8)
○ Solution stability: 18 months at room temperature
About the reduction of Chlorine content in tap water By adding a ratio of 0.1% MyNIC®-S to tap water, chlorine contained in the water is immediately reduced to harmless chlorine ions, and the +330 mv redox potential of the tap water [ORP, the actual value when measured using silver/silver chloride electrodes as internal electrodes, is not converted to standard hydrogen electrode values (as listed below)] is shown to be -350~-400 mv. The solution is also colorless and no chlorine is detected when the chlorine detection reagent o-tolidine is added. Generally, food and water that are closer to the ORP of human bodily fluids and blood (about -400 mv) are considered more useful for maintaining health. For this reason as well, MyNIC®-S could be considered to be a product with health benefits.